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7 Must-Try Tips for Flawless Homemade Jerky

Organic, hormone-free, meatless (!). It’s safe to say that jerky is going through a healthy renaissance of sorts these days. But even if that’s the case, we can all agree that nothing can beat the all-natural, preservative-free nature of the homemade version. And for those of you who think that recreating your favorite store-bought jerky […]

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A Rookie’s Tell-All Guide to Flawless Paella

Whether it’s served with seafood, chorizo or noodles (yep, that’s a thing now), paella is one of those dishes that you can’t say no to. However, heading to the nearest tapas restaurant is not always in the cards, so making the Valencian dish at home feels like the best way to satisfy your Spanish food […]

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What Are The Best Cooking Oils to Pop Corn?

On paper, nothing seems easier than whipping up a batch of movie-style popcorn. You just add the kernels in the popper, fill the special socket with butter and let the machine take it from there. But simple instructions aside, there is something slightly concerning about this process, and that’s the heaps of fat that lurk […]

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